Ritter von heute - Class Set with Teacher's Guide

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Geoff goes to help a fellow student who is being bullied. The encounter results in Geoff's running for his life and falling over a third-floor railing into the Middle Ages. There he experiences medieval life and finds his way in the exciting world of Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa and the Third Crusade. Find out if he gets back to the present, his friends, and his girlfriend Staci.

Students say this about the book: 

"... a huge relief from the usual read." "... well written and well thought out ... a fun story ..." "... very interesting ... I was still learning ..." "Better than most books we've read ... actually better than all books we've read."

Written for students in German 3, 4, and AP courses, the book is at ACTFL Novice High to Intermediate and CEFR A2/B1.

94 pages of text divided into 9 chapters, plus maps, glossary, illustrations, and discussion questions aligned to the College Board's APĀ® Themes. 

The Teacher's Guide provides background, historical notes, lesson plans, and auxiliary materials for using the book in the classroom and helping students go Into, Through, and Beyond the text.