• Der Fall des sauren Kunststudenten

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    A piece of art has been stolen from the KHM, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, in Vienna and replaced with a forgery. Who did it? Was the docent in on the heist? Join Timo, Marie, Hannah, and Max as they become involved in the investigation and provide essential information and clues.

    Written for third-year German students, this exciting short story from COACH Foreign Language Project will engage readers and give teachers an opportunity to teach culture, history, art, geography, and more. Connect to a real-life robbery from the KHM of a saliera (salt cellar) by Benvenuto Cellini.

    The included teacher's guide provides ideas and materials for helping students get into, through, and beyond the text.

    "Der Fall des sauren Kunststudenten" can be used as a stand-alone text, an introduction to the city of Vienna, or as part of a travel unit on Austria and Vienna.

    With this purchase, you receive a Teacher's Guide, a teacher's text of the story with annotations, two student texts (one with pictures and one as text only), two slide presentations with notes, vocabulary sheets, activity sheets, and suggested assessments.

    "Der Fall des sauren Kunststudenten" is available as a digital download only.